Bangor Fitness Complex

Active Duty family members are authorized use of open Fitness facilities during certain hours beginning Thursday, Oct. 1. Facilities include MWR Bangor and Bremerton Fitness and Aquatic Centers and Naval Hospital Bremerton Fitness Center. All facilities remain in HPCON B with limited services. Learn More

  - All patrons upon entry to any MWR facility must be in possession of a mask; entry will not be permitted without one. 
  - Expect modifications to facility entrances and exits.
  - Current limited access to Active Duty only
  - Patronage of fitness centers will be limited to new occupancy loads. Each workout space will have a posted occupancy.  
  - No towel service
  - Day-use gym lockers will be available. 
  - Steam room and sauna closed
  - Patron use will be limited to 60 minutes. 

Full service, state-of-the-art fitness center. Features cardio equipment, free weights, TRX, spin bikes, outstanding group fitness classes, and much more! Fitness equipment orientations, youth orientation, fitness assessments and facility tours are available.


Front Desk: 360-315-2134

Recorded Message Lines:
360-315-2139 for sports info, upcoming events, etc.
360-315-2135 for current operating hours, upcoming events, inclement weather updates, etc.
For contacting Fitness Specialists to set up appointments. If you have comments/concerns please click on the ICE icon to the right of the screen.

Fitness Policies

Eligible Users

An eligible user is defined as Active Duty & Active Duty family members, Retiree & Retiree family members, Reservist & Reservist family members and DoD Civilian employees and DoD Contractors.


A guest is defined as any non-eligible patron and includes, DoD Civilian family members, DoD Contractor family members and visiting friends of any eligible patron. All guests must be escorted by their sponsor at all times. Guests are required to purchase a guest pass each time they use the facility.

Fitness Passes

Guest Pass
The guest pass fee is all-inclusive and includes entrance to the facility and use of the pool, gym, fitness center, sauna, locker room facilities and all group fitness classes. The guest pass does not include group or private swim lessons.

Monthly Fitness Pass
This $35 all-inclusive Fitness Pass includes entrance to the facility and use of gym, fitness center, sauna, locker room facilities and all group fitness classes. It is only available to DoD Contractors who would otherwise pay a $6.50 a day entry fee.

Monthly Group Fitness Class Pass
We offer a "Monthly Pass" for Group Fitness Exercise Classes. The pass is $30 and valid for unlimited classes for one month. The pass expires one month from date of purchase; it is non-refundable; non-transferable.

Youth Policy

Youth must be 16 years old to utilize the fitness center unaccompanied. Those 7 to 15 years of age must attend a youth orientation session with a trainer to obtain a youth fitness card. This card allows the under-age user ages 7 - 11 years of age to work out in the Family Fitness areas only and ages 12 - 15 years to work out in any area of the fitness complex while accompanied (supervised) by an adult. Youth cards are issued at the trainer's discretion.

To schedule an appointment for a youth fitness orientation session, email

General Fitness Center Guidelines

  1. Consult a physician prior to beginning an exercise program.
  2. Always train with a partner in this facility.
  3. Warm up prior to using the equipment and cool down afterwards.
  4. Please limit yourself to 30 minutes on all cardiovascular equipment if others are waiting to use it.
  5. Please report any injuries or equipment problems to staff members located at the Gym Desk.

Dress Code

  1. Shirts, proper gym attire and shoes are required at all times.
  2. Sports bras or exposed undergarments must be covered.
  3. No obscene or offensive print or pictures on clothing allowed.


  • Children under the age of 15 are not permitted to be in the weight rooms or cardio areas unsupervised.
  • Infants and toddlers - Infants and toddlers in strollers, car seat carriers or infant of any sort are prohibited from any area of the fitness center. This is necessary to remove any potential injury to the child, as well as unsafe distractions from other patrons.
  • Youth (9 and under) - When accompanied and under direct supervision of an adult 18 years or older may use the gymnasium area for basketball, racquetball, volleyball and/or instructional skills development.
  • Youth (12 - 15) - When accompanied and under direct supervision of an adult 18 years of older, and upon completion of a Youth Fitness Orientation program, may use designated cardio and strength training equipment in this facility. Valid Youth Orientation ID and military cards required for ages 12 - 15.
  • Youth (16 and older) - have unrestricted use of the facility.

Safety & Sanitation

  1. Food and drink are not allowed on the courts or in the fitness center, with the exception for water and sport-type drinks in plastic containers.
  2. For privacy and protection to all patrons, cell phone usage is prohibited in the locker rooms, fitness center and group fitness classes.
  3. No cameras allowed in the locker room area.
  4. Wipe off the controls, seats, rails and pads after usage.
  5. For sanitary purposes, use of workout towel is required.

Weight Room

  1. Weights, dumbbells and bars need to be returned to their proper place after usage.
  2. Be in control of your weights and don't allow them to drop.
  3. Use of weight collars is required.
  4. Dumbbells and weight bars shouldn't be allowed to rest on the padded benches.


  1. Appropriate attire (swimsuit, gym shorts, sports bra, towel), including shower shoes is required.
  2. Children under the age of 15 are not allowed in sauna.
  3. Limit stay to 10 minutes maximum.
  4. Refrain from loud and offensive behavior.
  5. If you feel faint or dizzy, leave immediately.
  6. Prohibited activities in the sauna include: Eating and drinking (with the exception of water), exercise activities, use of oils, scents, shampoo, soap or conditioners, reading newspapers, magazines or other paper products, performing personal hygiene functions, wearing plastic or rubberized suits, hanging or laying out clothing to dry.


All patrons are responsible for complying with these policies, as well as any additional policies posted throughout the facility.


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