Pregnancy Loss Awareness Network (PLAN)

Do not silence your pregnancy loss, there is a PLAN.

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When couples or partners learn they are pregnant there can be hesitation to announce the pregnancy to friend, family or their command because of the possibility of miscarriage. Although miscarriage is a known complication of pregnancy it is often not discussed through PLAN we can shatter the silence surrounding pregnancy loss.

Women and men are both impacted by the loss of a pregnancy. Some evidence suggests that individuals can experience the effects of pregnancy loss immediately and/or later in life. After a loss diagnosis can include depression, anxiety, PTSD, or suicidal ideation. 

1 in 4 of all pregnancies end in pregnancy loss including unknown pregnancies.  Additionally, research shows that 1 in 10 of all known pregnancies ends in a perinatal loss resulting in 3 million pregnancy losses a year in the US.   

FFSC has developed the Pregnancy Loss Awareness Network (PLAN) to help service and family members cope with the loss of pregnancy. PLAN’s definition of pregnancy loss:  A death via involuntary or voluntary loss of pregnancy by a miscarriage (less than 20 weeks), stillborn (more than 20 weeks), or neonatal loss (newborn through 28 days of life). 

Pregnancy loss is, unfortunately, a shared experience that many service members battle silently. PLAN is here to help. The Network consists of a group of providers within the Command delivering easy access to the following informed-care services: 

  • A customized care service plan of multiple individualized services and advocate support within the FFSC framework
  • Deployment Resiliency Counselor (DRC) for grief and loss counseling
  • Religious Services for spiritual support
  • MWR Fitness Center for physical aid with health, nutrition, and other self-care needs
  • Command and leadership for military policies or leave support
  • Naval Hospital Bremerton or Primary Care Provider (PCP) for immediate or ongoing physical needs

Fleet & Family Support Center (FFSC) is the hub to get you connected with support needs and more.  Our goal is to provide you with individualized support based on each family's needs. With FFSC you will receive a care consultation to link you to resources within the support network. Available services for PLAN families: 

  • Greif and Loss Counseling
  • Customized Courses (link to courses)
  • Personal Fitness Training Support
  • Extended Care Services
    • Support Check-ins
    • Advocate Support
  • Community Resource Connections
  • Educational tools
  • Additional resources and support available for children 


Make your PLAN today with the support of FFSC
Call 866-854-0638 
Schedule a care consultation, face-to-face, by telephone or virtually. 

If you need immediate mental health assistance dial 988 to talk to someone now.

Together we can shatter the silence on pregnancy loss.


Additional Resources:

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