Ties and Tiaras was a magical Under-the-Sea-themed event for Navy families

Naval Base Kitsap MWR hosts a magical Under the Sea themed Ties and Tiaras event for Navy families

Naval Base Kitsap Bangor MWR played host to Ties and Tiaras at the Bangor Plaza Ballroom on April 29. The event was a resounding success with 89 children participating and a total of 191 attendees. The event provided a unique opportunity for Sailors and their families to come together and bond in a relaxed and fun atmosphere, and it did not disappoint.

The Under the Sea theme was brought to life with the help of creative decorations, lighting, and colorful food. The MWR staff transformed the Bangor Plaza Ballroom into an underwater wonderland, complete with sea creatures and oceanic elements. The food and drinks served at the event were creatively named and perfectly reinforced the night’s theme.

The entertainment provided one of the highlights of the evening. The DJ played energetic music that had everyone on their feet dancing and enjoying themselves. Participants were treated to mini cupcake decorating, professional photoshoots (included with ticket cost) and games like freeze dancing and hot fish provided ample opportunities every 30 minutes for even the shyest  participants to enjoy the dance floor.

Ties and Tiaras was a break from the usual routine of military life and a chance for families to connect with each other and with their community. It was heartwarming to see parents and children dressed in their finest, enjoying the evening together.

Events like Ties and Tiaras are essential to the morale of families and Sailors stationed at military bases. The sense of community and togetherness they provide is invaluable, especially for those who may be far from home or in a new place. The event gave parents and children the chance to interact and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Naval Base Kitsap MWR plays host to numerous events and celebrations like this throughout the year.  Check out their calendar of events for more community opportunities.