FFSC EDU | Mind Body Mental Fitness (MBMF)

16 Sep 2022

Mind Body Mental Fitness (MBMF) is a six-class course. Each class deepens your understanding of mental fitness and gives you the tools to manage stress. 

MBMF is facilitated by a Fleet & Family Support Center instructor and teaches you to be mentally fit.  Mentally fit people have an awareness of how they think, behave and feel. Just as physical fitness provides you with an increased ability to respond to life in all its richness, mental fitness helps in the same way. At the end of the course, you will have the tools to find a work-life balance, or what to do when more is needed

MBMF: 101 - Stress Resilience
Turn stress into growth opportunities and recognize stress before it becomes a problem. Explore how stress affects the 4 domains of resilience (mind, body, spirit and social). Learn and practice the vital skill of Energy Management and Recalibration which will allow you to resync your mind-body connection to increase clear thinking and optimize performance. 

MBMF: 102 - Mindfulness & Meditation
The three attitudes of mindfulness are non-judgment, curiosity, and acceptance. Learn how to use this moment-to-moment mindfulness to improve decision-making, reduce destructive behaviors and increase optimal performance. The emphasis on meditation uses deep mindfulness to aid in recovery from stress. 

MBMF: 103 - Living Core Values
Define your values and relate them to your goals. Understand how values help you in the face of stress, stay on course, maintain commitment and consistency. Identify how your values relate to Navy values and develop problem-solving strategies when values and behaviors conflict.

MBMF: 104 - Flexibility
Better understand your own thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Learn how they are different, how they interact with one another and how to be flexible enough to deal with each negative thought, emotion and behavior. Skills-based and participants will walk away with tangible skills they can put to immediate use.

MBMF: 105 - Problem Solving
Know the basic steps of problem-solving including many examples of practical application at work and at home. Identify the dynamics and interactions of personal and group challenges. Recognize and build healthy coping skills to deal with all the daily challenges that Navy life brings. 

MBMF: 106 - Connection
Define connection and communication and how they help to manage stress and create resiliency. Identify your support network and how to use those connections in a beneficial manner. Recognize the different communication styles and the impact they have on successful communication with others. Learn what empathetic listening has in connection with others, effective communication and cohesiveness of groups and organizations.

In-person course.
Drop-in acceptable, if space available.
Reserve a seat, call 360-396-4115.


Check the FFSC EDU Course schedule to find which class is coming up next.  The progression of each class builds on the next, however, you do not need to take classes in order.