NBK Fitness Operations Manager Helps Guide All-Navy Wrestling at Nationals

Naval Base Kitsap’s Bob Presley Supports All-Navy Wrestlers to All-American Success at US Nationals

Navy Region Northwest staff member Bob Presley, Naval Base Kitsap Fitness Operations Manager, played a crucial role in the All-Navy Wrestling team's participation in the 2023 US Nationals Open Wrestling Tournament. The team consisted of eight male and female wrestlers from the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Coast Guard, with LT. Courtney Freeman of the USMC and PO1 Austin Craig of the USN placing eighth in their respective weight classes and earning the title of All-American. The tournament ran April 26-30 in Las Vegas, Nev. 

Presley, as the team's Officer in Charge, coordinated all logistical support for the team to ensure it projected the finest Navy image. This included vehicle rental, team and individual athlete registrations, room assignments, monitoring daily athlete accountability, purchases for emergency items and daily transportation needs. His tireless efforts ensured the team had everything it needed to prepare for and participate in the tournament.

In addition to Presley’s support, CNIC All-Navy Sports Branch Manager Michael Morris and Human Performance Dietician Joanne Villaflor attended the tournament to provide the wrestlers with optimal nutrition and hydration techniques for their bouts. The team arrived in Las Vegas on April 23, and spent the next few days preparing for the tournament with proper nutrition practices, environment acclimation, and final mat instruction from their coach, CAPT Colton Rasche.

The All-Navy wrestlers exhibited improved performance and competed well but did not advance to higher-level tournament invitations as only the top seven medalists in each weight class were eligible. However, CNIC has selected both the All-Navy Wrestling team and the All-Navy Basketball team for progress tracking with periodic assessments of training routines and nutrition practices with the goal of developing a more experienced athlete base for All-Navy Sports competitions. The first assessment is scheduled to take place on June 18, in Fort Worth, Texas, and all wrestlers who participated in the Nationals Tournament have been invited to this assessment group.

The eight-member All-Navy wrestling team that recently participated in the US Nationals tournament:

Wrestler Service Duty Station Hometown Misc.
Lt. Courtney Freeman USMC Camp Lejeune, N.C. Atlanta, Ga.  
MK3 Joanalicia Ramirez USCG Portsmouth, Virg. Ft Lauderdale, Fla.  
PO1 Austin Craig USN NTAG PNW Monroe, N.C.  
PO1 Shaun Heist USN US 7th Fleet, JP Allentown, Pa.   
MA1 Robert Yamashita USN Yokosuka, JP Northglenn, Colo.  
PO3 Leandro Rodriguez-Rodriguez USN NEPLO Unit, Buckley Space Force Elkhart, Ind.  
PO2 Timothy Worthen USCG Marathon, Fla. Yulee, Fla.  
PO2 Genesis Ramirez USN Norfolk, Virg. El Paso, Texas  
Support Team
CAPT Colton Rasche USMC Camp Pendleton, Calif. Aurora, Ill. Tournament Coach
LT Jamie Breuer USN NHB * Team doctor/trainer
Robert Presley CIV NBK-Bangor, Wash. Silverdale, Wash. Team Officer In Charge
Michael Morris CIV CNIC * All-Navy Sports Branch Mgr.
Joanne Villaflor CIV CNIC San Antonio, Texas All-Navy Sports Human Performance Dietician

* Location Unknown