Ombudsman Appreciation Red Carpet Event

A drive-throiugh recognition event celebrating 50 years of the Navy Family Ombudsman Program.

· For five decades, the Navy Ombudsmen, volunteers appointed by a commanding officer (CO), have served as an information link between command leadership and command families. They support mission readiness, assist commanders and respond to family readiness needs, and facilitate building a strong community network of services through numerous duties.

· Ombudsmen are trained to disseminate information -- official Department of the Navy (DoN) and command information, command-climate issues and local community opportunities. They also provide resource referrals and are instrumental in resolving family issues before they require the command’s attention.

· The Navy Ombudsmen keep the CO informed regarding the command families’ morale, health and welfare.

· The Navy Ombudsmen communicate regularly with the command and command family members.

· The Navy Ombudsmen welcome arriving families and offer their assistance.

· The Navy Ombudsmen serve as a source of emergency and crisis information.

· The Navy Ombudsmen are familiar with the services provided by the Fleet and Family Support Centers (FFSCs) and other support organizations and can provide contact information for these organizations.

· The Navy Ombudsmen represent the command at local ombudsman assembly meetings.