Family Employment Readiness Program (FERP)

With over half of today's military spouses working, the Family Employment Readiness Program is a valuable resource. Each Fleet & Family Support Center has a Career Resource Center equipped with computers, a printer, and a full resource library with current job postings to assist spouses and family members in finding employment.

The Family Employment Readiness Program enables family members who wish to gain employment a place to come for resume review, interviewing skills, and more. Our Work & Family Life Consultants are well versed in providing information on employment, education, and volunteer activities. They can assist clients in developing and using job search skills and connect family members with employer, business, professional, and support networks.

Resume Review

Before a resume review appointment, one should come prepared with a rough draft of a resume containing dates and specific work information, and if possible, a job announcement. Our staff can assist you whether you are a first-time resume writer or a seasoned writer.

Three basic types of resumes are:

Functional - Best for those with gaps in their job history. This resume focuses on skill sets and experiences that are directly relevant to the position.

Chronological - Best for those whose previous job was directly relevant to a job they are pursuing. In this type of resume, work history is listed first, with the most recent job at the top.

Combination - A combination resume is skill-focused. This type of resume is best for those wanting to change careers or return to the workforce after a lengthy absence. The focus of a combination resume is on transferrable skills and experiences that directly relate to the desired position while placing less emphasis on the dates of past employment.

Federal Job Application Process

Applying for a federal job is far different than applying for a non-government position. Our experts will help you through every step of the application process including: account creation, resume building, job search, special hiring authorities, applying, application status, and interviewing in the federal system.

Creating a USAJobs account prior to attending the class or an individual consultation will maximize the training opportunity for participants going through this process.

Please visit to start this process.

Interviewing Skills

Once someone has written a successful resume, it is extremely important to be well prepared for the next possible step—a job interview. An Interviewing Skills consultation can help prepare an interviewee for this process.

During this consultation, staff will prepare the interviewee by describing the interview preparation steps; identifying types of interviews; helping clients formulate responses to common and more specific, often difficult interview questions; and teaching them the appropriate body language and dress. Interviewing Skills consultations can be tailored to individual levels of expertise in this area.

Job Fair

Fleet & Family Support regularly holds job fairs, contact your local center for details.

Upcoming Events & Classes

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