Period of PURPLE Crying Caps Campaign

1 Nov 2021

During November and December, Naval Base Kitsap New Parent Support Home Visitors participate in the CLICK for Babies Campaign. The National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome is a grassroots public education campaign to create awareness of the leading trigger for infant abuse frustration with infant crying.

The name CLICK comes from the well-known “clicking” sound that knitters make with their needles to create the caps.  New Parent Support Home Visitors collaborate with Seattle Children’s Hospital to receive purple knit caps and National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome to bring awareness about this crucial issue.

The goal for New Parent Support Home Visitors is to increase awareness and education in the community about the Period of PURPLE Crying that all infants go through, how to respond to prolonged crying, and the importance of never shake your baby, and to prevent the shaking and abuse of infants.

But first, what does the acronym P.U.R.P.L.E stand for? P is for Peak of Crying, U is for Unexpected, R is for Resist Soothing, P is for Pain-like Face, L is for Long Lasting and E is for Evening.

Join us every week as we delve into each letter to gain tangible tools to cope and soothe your baby while gaining insight to nourish a supportive environment for families.

To kick off this campaign, we are excited to offer those pregnant or those who have a newborn to come and pick up your FREE gift bag at either the Bangor Blue and Gold building or at Bremerton Building 491 (above Navy Marine Corp Relieve  Society). 

For more information, stop in at the Fleet & Family Support Center (GOLD) building at 1099 Tautog Circle, Silverdale, WA or call 8666-854-0638.